My Approach

I very much enjoy working in natural light, and will source this out as much as possible, as well as focusing on tiny details. Hands, rings, earrings, pawprints. I use humour and my natural ability to engage other people, to help encourage natural, relaxed smiles and laughter, and believe I have good insight when it comes to reading other people, how they are feeling, and what will and won't work for them. I have a no pressure approach, so if there's things you aren't comfortable with, or don't want to do, that's absolutely fine. We will do it your way, and a way that's going to put you at your most relaxed, which in turn gives us images of you at your most relaxed.

When it comes to working with children, I take time engaging them in things they are interested in, before I start taking their picture. I will often show them my camera, to let them know it's not something to be frightened of, and very quickly you find them asking me to take their picture, instead of hiding behind your legs! Sometimes you have to be patient with children (believe me, I've got two of my own so I GET IT). But patience often pays off in the long run.

I have Lifestyle approach, which means I do not work in a studio (that doesn't mean I won't, I just don't tend to!). I love the outdoors, I love natural light, I love the freedom of moving about and not being confined. Again, I feel the best images come to those who feel relaxed and free in these spaces.  

"She made us feel so at ease"



Spend time browsing my website and social media pages. Try and get an idea of whether I'm the right vibe for you, whether you like my editing and photographic style.


Fill out the enquiry form and let me know you're interested! I will get back to you (usually within 24 hours unless I'm shooting) and we can work out what it is you want. I will send you a quote from there.


This is getting exciting! Now it's time to book. I take a 25% retainer at the time of booking in order to not only secure your date, but secure me for the whole day too! And everything I do for you before and after your special day too. You don't just get me for the day, I support you the whole way through your planning journey from start to finish.


Depending on where you are in the world, we will either do this in person, or via zoom. If you've opted for a pre-wedding photoshoot, we will get this booked in and start getting to know each other EVEN better. We will start thinking about details of your day that you want to include, and I keep lots of notes of all these details, which I pull together for you closer to the time.


Almost time! This final  meeting is either in person or via zoom (again, depending on where in the world you are), and we pull all the details together. The venues, the group shots, the schedule for the day, so you can leave it all in safe hands knowing you don't need to give it a second thought on the day!

VI. Your Wedding Day!

It's here! I will arrive at the promised time, and endeavour to carry out everything we talked about and planned. Whether that's just photographs, or some content for you too, I will do my best to make sure get the perfect overview of your special day, with memories that last a lifetime!