Beautiful photos created to capture the essence of your pregnancy, and the final trimester before your little one graces this world with it's presence. Often someone carrying a baby can feel quite uncomfortable by this point, so it's a lovely way to snap a reminder of what an incredible job you have done, growing and keeping that tiny person safe and warm for all these months.

These photos can be done in the comfort of your home, or in a location of your choice. The ethos behind my business is to capture natural images, not false memories, so if you're considering a location shoot, it's always worth thinking of somewhere that is special to you.

Lifestyle Newborn

Lifestyle Newborn Photoshoots follow the same ethos as the Maternity Shoots. These are about creating natural, candid images that reflect real life, in a beautiful and memorable way. I am not studio based; all Lifestyle Newborn Shoots are conducted within the comfort of your own home, using natural light and patience, working in our own time to get images that will mean the world to you. I not only capture newborn, but offer a not-so-newborn option for those who don't feel comfortable for a photoshoot straight after birth. For enquires, please contact me via the link below: