A beautiful, Glaswegian maternity shoot - shot in Queen's Park, Glasgow.

This was a shoot I had been excited about for a VERY long time. Emily told me that she was pregnant when she was just 11 weeks - I remember it well; I was just outside Matalan trying to convince myself not to buy more faux plants for my house (don't judge me - I was not successful in convincing myself). She told me and we both had a bit of a squeal down the phone to each other. But after all the squealing, I asked her if she would allow me to capture her pregnancy for her, as it's just such an important part of the journey. And she said yes! Is it better than when someone says yes to an engagement? Yes. Yes it is. Pregnancy is such a personal and life changing experience, and it is always the best feeling when someone asks me to shoot their pregnancy.

The sun was just fabulous all day that day. People tell you it rains all the time in Scotland, but I can in fact tell you, that's just in Edinburgh. Joking! It doesn't rain there the whole time (although it does rain A LOT in Edinburgh), but Glasgow was just *chefs kiss* that day. It was filtering so beautifully through the trees of the park, the smell in the air was fresh with blossom and there was a gentle breeze casting over us.

Emily looked, well, absolutely bloody stunning!! She was so calm throughout, despite knowing that she was nervous and didn't feel quite herself. As someone that has been through two pregnancies, I know how every day can feel different, and some days you just wake up and it is not your day. Emily bossed the shoot from start to finish, taking very little direction from me, allowing herself to just move naturally and allow her hair to blow in that gentle breeze I mentioned earlier. We started the shoot with Craig there too, and got some beautiful, natural couples portraits with them. We decided not to focus too heavily on the bump, and just roll with some more unique to them couples poses. I work a lot with couples and part of my professional engagement is to encourage laughter and discussion within the shoot. I couldn't care less if it gives you a double chin when you laugh - everyone has a double chin when they laugh! What I want to capture is that glow that someone gets when they are really laughing about something. And that's exactly what Emily and Craig were like (with minimal double chinnage, may I add). Sparkle, glow; honest and genuine laughter. It was so beautiful to watch and capture.

Emily gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and her & Craig welcomed him into the world on 12th June 2023. Welcome Seby <3